>> Last Night on Late Night: The Barr Bros did "Even The Darkness Has Arms" on Letterman, St. Lucia did "Elevate" on Meyers, The New Basement Tapes did "Nothing To It" and "Duncan & Jimmy" on Kimmel, and Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds did all kinds of stuff on Austin City Limits.

>> "B****, shut the f*** up and get in my car. And suck my f***ing d*** while I take a s***." ~ 42-year-old man

>> Andre 3000's OutKast reunion tour jumpsuits are headed to a new art exhibit put on by the Savannah College of Art and Design in Miami, Fla. called feel ya: SCAD + André 3000 Benjamin. What a world!

>> Russh talks to FKA Twigs about writing, training, dancing, and the process of making LP1.

>> Rookie talks to Deerhoof about Riot Grrrl, strange teeth, California, and their OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO for new La Isla Bonita tune “Paradise Girls.”

>> LadyGunn talks to Debbie Harry about Andy Warhol, re-recording the classics, talking to the press, and Blondie’s fortieth anniversary.

>> Full Stream Ahead: Paperwhite, Magic EP, Gala Drop, II, Bonuses: Jermain Jackman, "Seasons" and Best Coast, "Boyfriend"

>> http://bullettmedia.com/article/watch-wale-jerry-seinfeld-coffee-griping-complex-talking-normcore/

>> Details talks to photog Jesse Frohman about taking the the last pictures of Nirvana all together as a band.

>> Do you have a band crush on Puro Instinct? Too late! You do now.