$100 Ad Program

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Since the first issue of Creative Loafing hit the stands in 1972, we've always prided ourselves in our support of Atlanta's small businesses (that's what WE are after all). As times have changed and budgets have been slashed, we know that running and promoting a profitable and sustainable business is getting even more expensive.

So to keep with our tradition of giving small businesses a way to reach hyper local (ITP) audiences with more efficiency than our larger corporate competitors, we've invited a select group of businesses to be a part of a new advertising subscription program that we're calling "The $100 Ad Program."

What's that you ask? Well, we're offering up multiple touches of the highly active and intensely local Creative Loafing audience with a DIY print/social media/web/eNewsletter campaign that will run with little effort but maximum impact - for just $100 a month!

$100 Ad Package

Here's what you get every month:

PRINT: 1/12th page ad in the monthly print edition of CL (see image above for an idea of what that looks like). Print issues come out the first Thursday of each month with 60,000 copies and an audience of roughly 130,000 monthly. Our circulation is all ITP so it is concentrated where your business is located.

INCLUSION IN OUR MOBILE APP from W2O: Your campaign included on our Mobile App. See details

SOCIAL MEDIA: At least 1 mention on CL's social media (Our CL Instagram Story is highly active with tons of eyes and traffic).

If you're willing to let us serve you as a part of our online support team, we can keep the price affordable. CL's advertising works best when local advertisers offer something unique and special - a deal, an experience, a fresh taste. We have talented ad designers, a great digital support team and plenty of creativity if you need it. The only thing we need is for you to take the initiative and sign up. There are no contracts and we have a money back guarantee if you're not happy! Want even more value? Sign up for an annual contract and get all of the above for just $80 per month (billed annually)!

Fine Print

Unless we hear from you we'll charge your credit card at the 20th day of the month for the upcoming month. This is also the deadline to start advertising in next month's edition.
Place your ad below and our online support team will confirm the ad is received and we'll send a proof back once our creative team has had a chance to tighten it up. If the ad is complete and ready to go, we're ready to roll.

If you're not happy with your ad's results, our service or you're just having a bad day, we'll happily refund your $100 for that month - no questions asked. If you have any questions at all, please contact us at marketing at creativeloafing.com. If you're ready to go, give us something to work with and we'll get started now!:

Place Your Ad Here

To place your $100 Ad, you'll need to register on the site and submit it. Register HERE.
Once you've registered, login and you will be taken to your user profile page. Under the section labeled "Groups you can join" select the Organization Representative option, then return to this page.