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The latest chapter of “The Disappearance of Eliot Wiley” is published! Read on, ATL detectives!

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Joseph Beck’s memoir retraces shared steps

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Author Jessica Knoll reveals more than herself

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Westside shop offers avant-garde alternative to chains and online stores

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A bold new memoir reveals the secret life of public health professionals

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New York Times’ reporter and science author takes on the AI versus IA debate in new book

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How to go from a “bad feminist”

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Tender Blood Sport’ celebrates four years of Atlanta’s popular reading series

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Where All Light Tends to Go’ leaves a great first impression

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‘Miss Hazel and the Rosa Parks League’ wants to give us all a history lesson

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First Place

Fiction Issue - Phenotype Article

Third Place

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There’s no right or wrong way to ‘Crush’

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DJ Mars harnessed hip-hop’s DIY spirit to publish definitive book on mixtapes

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Letters to Lovers Who Love to Hate Me’ reveals life of an artist as a work-in-progress

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Author’s 300,000,000 is a narrative blood bath

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Actor/comedian opens Book Festival of MJCCA

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New author’s short story collection proves ‘unnerving for everyone’

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Atlanta civil rights icon wants to see his graphic novel in every American school and library

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Publishing industry Goliath’s epic battles with detractors throw monkey wrench in his own pop theory

Fiction Issue - 2014 Creative Loafing Fiction Contest Article

Finding the myriad meanings in this year’s theme, Race

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Third Place

Fiction Issue - The Pain Study Article

Second Place

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The local author’s third books collects his recent essays

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The prolific short-story writer delivers an admirable first novel

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The founders of the new indie lit festival are hoping to create an annual tradition

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Author John McMillian puts a new spin on an age-old debate

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The artist interviews her influences in the new book

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Charles McNair reflects on the road to release of his second book, a novel 20 years in the making

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5 highlights from the massive annual event

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Author Sheri Booker digs deep in her memoir about coming of age in a funeral home

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The Atlanta indie poetry press will be releasing nine poetry collections throughout 2013. Here’s the skinny on what they have in store.

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A newly discovered manuscript gives insight to his rejected masterwork

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A new book of essays offers 44 answers on the state of marriage among African-Americans

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Local young adult novelist takes a dark, illicit turn with her fifth novel

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I Want to Show You More explores infidelity and faith

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How a butch in pantsuits gave liberal media its balls back

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Blogger Deb Perelman stumbles into success

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The MacArthur Genius novelist reads Feb. 21 at GSU

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Two poets talk married life, writing habits, and recent works

Fiction Issue - 12th Annual Fiction Contest Article

‘The Meaning of Life’

Fiction Issue - Indoor Fireworks Article

Third Place

Book Review - Field guide to Blake Butler Article

In anticipation of his seventh book, Sky Saw, a look at Butler’s work so far

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A True History of the Captivation, Transport to Strange Lands, & Deliverance of Hannah Guttentag: A Novel puts higher ed in a low light

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New books from Richard Ford, Padgett Powell, Jess Walter, and others round out these beach read picks

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Lamott follows up her seminal Operating Instructions with Some Assembly Required

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The Emory professor takes on the breadth of African-American culture in his ambitious nonfiction work

Book Review - Nelson George and Bernice L. McFadden rewrite history Article

The two novelists appear at the Hammonds House on Feb. 21

Fiction Issue - THIRD PLACE: Mathematics for Life Article

Love ain’t easy to figure out

Fiction Issue - 11th Annual Fiction Contest Article

The MATH of a great story

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One family gets a crash course in the frailty of life

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Wyatt Williams lists his most compelling reads of the year

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The essayist explores America through his generous lens

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The Atlanta author works his unresolved memories into an insomniac’s rabbit hole

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Cultural critic and author Toure explores the concept of post-Blackness in his new book

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Georgia Tech professor’s new books expand the playing field for video games

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What’s Weird? chronicles the Athens band’s idiosyncratic look

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Young’s book of poems explores America through the voices of a slave ship’s rebels

Books - What happened after MLK died? Article

Rebecca Burns examines the week following Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination in her new book, Burial for a King

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Blake Butler, Terra Elan McVoy and John Holman

Fiction Issue - 10th annual Fiction Contest Article

Swarming bees, scalawags, Edgewood Avenue voodoo, snow globes and Nabokov

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Susan Rebecca White, Josh Russell and more nominate their top picks