Music Issue

Music Issue

Kiss and tell with Kameron Corvet Article

The soul singer and musician breaks down his love- and lust-filled hits

King Of Summer just wants to rock Article

A great big experience is the name of the game for this fun-loving foursome

Music Issue 2017: Why we fight Article

The battle for equality and a more enlightened future starts here

6 rising Atlanta music MVPs for 2017 Article

J.I.D, Jade Poppyfield, Russell Gunn, Charolastra and more set the stage for the coming year

What do you fight for with your music? Article

Atlanta musicians weigh in on philosophy and motivation

Bitter’s tender aggression Article

Latinx queer punk band takes a stand

Faye Webster breaks the mold Article

Awful Records first folk act wields awkward control

Vista Room: Atlanta’s mini Fillmore East Article

Oak Grove’s premier venue serves eclectic acoustic and rockier-edged music

Art School Jocks are not a damn girl band Article

The bedroom pop outfit eclipses musical and gender stereotypes

Thunderbox R.I.P. Article

Writing history in the face of a live-work-play face-lift | more...

Music Issue - Atlanta’s Most Hated No. 20: Gun Party Article

Keep the safety on until you’re ready to pull the trigger

Music Issue - Chasing the cool Article

Hipster-hop makes a move for the mainstream

Music Issue - Music issue: Separate but equal Article

Atlanta’s punk and hip-hop scenes may have more in common than it appears

Music Issue - Genre-benders Article

Atlanta musicians make one fine mess out of rock, hip-hop and everything in between

Music Issue - Star Bar: Rocky Road Article

New rock currency revamps redneck rockabilly outpost

Music Issue - Who’s who among Atlanta hip-hop’s new new Article

12 reasons to keep your ear to the streets in ‘08

Music Issue - We Fun: Lights, camera, reaction Article

Atlanta’s rock identity set in stone by We Fun filmmakers

Music Issue - Year of the mashup Article

Stereotypes don’t always rule after dark, even in the same old New South

Music Issue - ‘You say you wanna revolution’ Article

7-inch vinyl revival puts new spin on ATL rock scene

Music Issue - Juju B. Solomon: Labor of love Article

Juju B. Solomon brings folk home

Music Issue - Breaking the band Article

Band manager gets acts together

Music Issue - Shy D and Tony MF Rock: Original ATLiens Article

MC Shy D sowed hip-hop seeds into Georgia red clay

Music Issue - Setting the stage Article

Sweetwood invites rising talent to Masquerade

The Music Issue 2007 Article

An artistic evolution sparks an Atlanta music revolution

Charles Darwin was a freaking genius. Or a basehead.

Whether you subscribe to the theory of evolution or not, you gotta admit there’s only one way dude could’ve come up with that whole monkey-to-man hypothesis. Yep, strange things can happen when you’re up in the lab late at night surrounded by Bunsen burners and test tubes. And you thought Richard Pryor invented crack. Ha! Don’t make me...

| more...

Music Issue - Hear and now Article

CL critics pick the cream of Atlanta’s current crop

Music Issue - Fabo: Ode to a Bankhead hardhead Article

Rapper dances around critics

Music Issue - Zac Brown: Two thumbs up (a critic’s ass) Article

Singer/guitarist flies under the critical radar - and straight to fans

Music Issue - Janelle Monae: Dreamgirl Article

Singer goes back to the future

Music Issue - Can’t knock the hustle Article

Unsigned artist masters self-promotion

Music Issue - Rockin’ the cradle Article

Why WRAS-FM shows locals love

Music Issue - Rock around the clock Article

Working-class musicians toil their way to the top