Delta Flight Museum

Delta Flight Museum 747 Experience
PHOTO CREDIT: Creative Sources Photograpy/Rion Rizzo
Call: (404) 715-7886 or visit deltamuseum.org

Housed in Delta's two 1940s aircraft hangers. Includes Ship 41, the first Douglas DC-3 to carry Delta passengers in 1940; the Spirit of Delta, Delta's first Boeing 767; and a replica of the first Delta station in Monroe, La., in 1929.
The 747 Experience, the most recent addition to the Delta Flight Museum, offers visitors the opportunity to explore the first 747-400 ever built, Delta’s Ship 6301. The exhibition provides an in-depth look into one of the most iconic aircraft to ever fly.

1220 Woolman Pl
Hapeville, GA 30354
(404) 715-7886
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