Atlanta Reggae Band seeks professional REGGAE Bassist for part-time gigging.

Audition available for an energetic pro Reggae Bassy who is well-versed in
playing West Indies & Jamaican bass styles of: roots, dub, soca, and
dancehall riddims. Must be able to 100% lock the pocket on the Bass lines.

The band plays covers and originals and is seeking a pro Bass player
with a good bass & bass amp. Must have local transportation and
also live in Atlanta area. Experienced only reply please, we seek a serious
musician to join as a team player, not a 'for hire' mercenary.
Our preference is a Bassy who can contribute in some lead singing/or
background vocal abilities.

With your reply, send your qualifications, your gear list, area based from,
and any links for the Idren to hear samples of your chops; & include promo
or websites. Okay then, so tell us about you.

'Yeah Mon, give thanks!

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