Pamela_ and her sons head for the beach for "3AM"

Pamela_ and her sons conjure musical magic.

All along the West Coast, it's easy to fall asleep on the beach to a multitude of surprisingly harmonious sounds. The crashing of waves, male models howling through a mushroom trip, an acoustic guitar drifting over the sand, and various boombox radios all coalesce to form their own hypnotic rhythm. Pamela_ and her sons, the name under which Alessandra Hoshor performs, heads to the beach for "3 AM," to conjure the same kind of magical musical mash-up.

Oddball noise, disparate voices, multiple synth sounds, and the crack of electronic drums collide in a disarmingly accessible dance number. There's an intelligent beauty when dissonant sounds collide and give rise to a unified din. And the video, directed by Ty Romeo Roach, has all the makings for a proper addition to a series at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Museum.

Presumably shot at 3 a.m., Hoshor runs through the beach, demolishes some fruit, and creates scenes that are both disturbing and mesmerizing. Hoshor, who is also a visual artist, projectionist, and composer of experimental soundtracks for modern dance, is pushing boundaries on all fronts in the Atlanta arts scene. The "3am" video and song itself show off just how much impressive potential she's poised to unleash.

Alessandra's visual art will be on display as the final show for the Low Museum. Monday, May 23. 7-10 p.m. 550 John Wesley Dobbs Ave. N.E. www.thelowmusuem.com.

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