5 Play: Welcome to Tom P and Jarren Benton's 'Nightmare'

Plus, new music from KeithCharlesSpacebar, Richpsolim, and Wara From the NHBD

Tom P — "Nightmare" feat. Jarren Benton (Video)

Tom P and Jarren Benton apparently want us to lose sleep. Or maybe they're both just huge fans of "The Walking Dead." Either way, this visual for Tom P's track "Nightmare," featuring the aforementioned Benton, is what I imagine would happen if a zombie apocalypse broke out in the middle of a house party. Tom P directed this vid which centers around a wannabe rapper (played by his manager Kevin Grimes) who is having some bad, bad dreams.

KeithCharlesSpacebar — "S T A C Y"

We've all had a "S T A C Y" in our lives before. OK, maybe that wasn't their name, but everyone has experienced the feeling of vying for one's attention and not having the adoration reciprocated. Awful Records MC/producer KeithCharlesSpacebar flaunts his musical heart-on-sleeve with this trip-hop-y collab with NEVR. Stacy, please give Keith a call when you have a chance.

Motion Family x Ballers Eve at El Bar
The names on this flyer should be reason enough to give this party a shot, but here's the elevator pitch anyway: Motion Family and Ballers Eve are back with their monthly audiovisual hood-hipster shindig and free booze. Usual suspects DJ Dirrty, Speakerfoxxx, and Cristo Disco will be joined by DJ Burn One and Don Cannon. The MC for night's festivities? None other than Mr. Spaghetti Junction himself, Scotty ATL.

Richposlim — HUBRIS (EP)

Whereas Father may be viewed as the prominent voice in Awful Records, Richposlim might be the collective's most vocal artist. From his epic Twitter rants to the penchant for using words like "Wazzam," 'Po's music and slang is a welcome punch to the face. Enter his HUBRIS EP. At four songs, HUBRIS is equal parts giving no fucks ("10") and actually giving a fuck ("Shoes").

Wara From the NBHD — "Slangin" (Video)

In a continuation of his video for "Raw" Wara From the NBHD takes the time to remind us that drugs are bad in his visual for "Slangin." Selling drugs is a deadly game, but someone has to do it. Or do they? That is the question young Wara's song and video answer with a brutal honesty.

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