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2015 Shaky Knees Music Festival

What happens when you ask a non-music writer to cover a music festival...

CL File
Photo credit: CL File
2015 Shaky Knees Music Festival

You've probably read recaps and reviews all week about the plethora of performances that went down at Shaky Knees and/or Shaky Knees-related late shows this year — who played on what stage when, and whether or not they sucked. Maybe you were even one of the thousands of folks who paid at least 100 bucks to be there and experienced it all yourself. Or maybe not.

One thing's for sure, I was there. These are things me and my iPhone saw:

A couple approaches to beer vending could be observed. Danny, for example, went with a semi-stone cold killah strategy:

1431715106 Danny

Kason went in another direction:

1431716275 Screen Shot 2015 05 15 At 2.57.03 Pm

It was freakin' hot, though. Hydration was pretty important.

1431716499 Water

Luckily, there was an air-conditioned media tent.

1431715614 Press Tent

Others had to rely on every inch of precious shade available...

1431715840 Sk Shade

... and King of Pops to stay cool.

1431715747 Sk King Of Pops

The food truck lines, on the other hand, were nuts.

1431715747 Sk King Of Pops

I caught some music, too. See, the Pixies:

1431715263 Pixies

And here are the Strokes, obviously.

1431714514 Strokes

OK, fine. A better shot of the Strokes (photo courtesy aLIVE):

1431715033 Strokes2

This was my view of the Dead Milkmen at the Masquerade. And some actual coverage of this show elsewhere on Crib Notes.

1431715513 Dead Milkmen

Photo opps.

1431717000 Skull

"OMG, you totally have to tag me!"

1431716043 Sk Photo


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