Douglasville resident displeased by TomorrowWorld's noise

Carl Pyrdum did not enjoy the electronic music festival's disturbance.


  • Courtesy of TomorrowWorld

It seems that not everyone enjoyed TomorrowWorld's weekend festivities.

In an open letter posted on the Douglasville Patch website, nearby resident Carl Pyrdum lodges some serious complaints against the electronic music festival's high noise levels, which affected "tens of thousands of Georgians."

At 12:30 AM, it was as if someone said "if you thought that was ridiculous, stand by and listen to this," after which it appeared that the promoters boosted amplification of the already ridiculous noise levels for their last thirty minute finale.

Although TomorrowWorld apparently obtained the correct county noise permits, Pyrdum finishes the letter with a resounding call for a class action lawsuit against the "renegade" festival.

Read the full letter here.