Concord America gets violent with 'So Gay'

Rising garage rockers prep for 'Suns Out Guns Out' debut with a new video.

Two weeks after Concord America released the digital single "So Gay," a cut from the group's Suns Out Guns Out EP (out May 27 on Post-Echo), the garage-pop trio now has a video. Witness as hog dog costume-wearing hero, played by singer and guitarist Ben Presley, is driven to the breaking point by a perverted boss, a rude customer, and a King of Pops vendor who's gets to spend his shift with a cute girl. The violent climax is too cartoonish to offend, yet it still suits a song that's about rejection and dejection. This is yet another Atlanta-made film project, as the video was shot by Lifted Pictures' Andrew Schwab and co-produced by Evolved Cinema.

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