Avondale Estates approves music venue, but bans dance floors

Avondale Estates anticipates new entertainment development, but there's a catch, the permit for the Avondale Theatre prohibits designated dance floors and poles in the venue.


Avondale City Commissioners granted a conditional use permit June 23, for Sister Hazel roadie Tony Longval's future music venue, the Avondale Theatre. According to Decaturish, the venue will take the place of the historic Towne Cinema in downtown Avondale Estates. The only downside? Designated dance floors will not be permitted. Or poles.

This request is brought on by residents' concerns of the venue becoming a wild nightclub. Some questions: Will show goers be able to dance at all? How am I supposed to publicly embarrass myself? Could I get arrested for starting a "Thriller" flash mob routine or arranging a circle of death? Who's going to be monitoring this?

These questions may go unanswered, but I'll rest easy knowing that Commissioner Terry Giager is "real excited" about the theatre or as he puts it, "this media arts thing for family and adults. We're thrilled to have them come in. We're thrilled to have the whiskey distillery come in."

Longval told Decaturish that he wants to turn the upstairs into a speakeasy, that serves tapas and cocktails, and thinks he can transform it into a world-renowned venue.

Longval has requested to operate the venue from 11 a.m. till 2 a.m., seven days a week, to host mostly acoustic and unplugged artists and Broadway-style shows. He would also like to install a new movie screen.

I may be the only one here, but I think I'm more thrilled for the whiskey distillery.

Towne Cinema is located at 106 N. Avondale Rd in Avondale Estates' Tudor Village.

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