Little Tybee's 'For Distant Viewing' due out April 9

Album release party set for the Goat Farm on Thurs., March 7 with Nashville's Colorfeels

For Distant Viewing, the third album from Little Tybee, and second for Paper Garden Records, is due out Tuesday, April 9 on both CD and LP. But if you're a local, you can get the album more than a month before the rest of the world, as the release party is set to take place at the Goat Farm on Thursday, March 7. Nashville's Colorfeels will open the show.

In the meantime, Little Tybee has released a stunning new video for the album's title track, The video is actually a collection of footage compiled from the last two years of touring and hanging out, both at home and at various places throughout the country.

Although "For Distant Viewing" is the third song from the album to be released, following "Boxcar Fair" and "Hearing Blue," this latest offering sets the tone for change, albeit subtle. In the past, Little Tybee has handled its affairs with a DIY approach, recording most of its material in-house. This time around the group has raised the bar by working with engineer Ben Price, who also co-produced the album with singer and guitarist Brock Scott, at Studilaroche, resulting in a cleaner and more polished sound.

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