'Transformers N the Hood'? Great. 'Transformers' in Midtown? Not so great

Daniel Disaster debuted cuts from the latest Mad Decent mixtape to a crowd of apathetic college kids


  • Steve Stratton
  • Daniel Disaster

Black & Mild smoke permeated the air as a guy with a tuft of a mohawk leapt onto the stage and gleefully whipped out a slim stack of crisp bills. The flailing and swaying of two dozen college girls occupied almost every square inch of Opera Nightclub's tiered dance platforms, with up to six at a time holding onto its centerpiece stripper pole.

On Opera's busiest College Wednesdays, at least according to their hired photographers, girls like these can tug that pole to a near 45-degree angle — making this particular night tame in comparison. Still, by midnight, the club's resident DJ had wound up the barely-legal crowd with mostly Top 40 rap and R&B of past and present so that their hips and asses continuously swung like pendulums.

But then at 1:11 a.m., more than 20 guys stood on stage — an unofficial choir for Daniel Disaster of Heroes x Villains, as he cued up a bubble-popping rhythm, then a track off the latest FKi mixtape Transformers N the Hood. They clapped in unison and yelled out every single lyric of "I Think She Ready," a tiptoeing cut kicked off by an initially frazzled Iggy Azalea: "I can't say something funny, I don't know what to say!" The dancers on the platforms stopped moving and started staring.

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