Little Tybee reveals 'Boxcar Fair'

Puppet maker Tom Haney's kinetic sculptures live out a dreamscape set to “Boxcar Fair”

Image Atlanta chamber pop ensemble Little Tybee and puppet maker Tom Haney have revealed the fruit of their collaboration on a short film featuring Haney’s kinetic sculptures living out a scene set to Little Tybee’s “Boxcar Fair.”

It’s difficult to grasp what’s really going on here, but the beginning and the end aren’t the important parts of this surrealist dreamscape. It’s the journey along the way and all of the mini vignettes that switch gears like synapses firing at will that keep the story moving along in this short, but captivating single take odyssey.

If you’re looking for meaning shrouded in metaphor here, it could be there somewhere. But these kinds of non-linear, abstract narratives are best when the beholder is left to his/her own devices. However, sometimes an elephant is just an elephant and a fair in the desert is just a fair in the desert ...

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