Record Store Day 2014

How a manufactured holiday helped save the independent stores it set out to champion six years ago

Over the last six years, Record Store Day has held court in independent records shops around the world on the third Saturday in April. The mission: announce to the world that record stores still play a vital role in local communities. With each passing year, RSD's festivities, and the accompanying glut of self-indulgent titles, have grown exponentially. In Atlanta, Criminal Records in Little Five Points is hosting a full day of live performances featuring acts such as the Whigs, Sadistic Ritual, deadCAT, and Methuzulah outside the store to entertain those who've lined up to score any number of exclusive releases by Devo, Public Enemy, the Grateful Dead, et al. Other stores throughout the city, including Wax 'n' Facts, Decatur CD, and more, are also participating with their own festivities.

— Chad Radford


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