Sound Menu July 25 2001 Mon

BARBARA MANNING AND THE GO-LUCKYS — With a slew of records released over the past decade and a half on such labels as Sub Pop and Matador, Barbara Manning has been a below-the-radar indie-rock staple. Shifting gears, she most recently has teamed up with Italian/German twin brothers Fabrizio and Flavio Steinbach. While the lyricism and songwriting is there, the chemistry on their debut album, You Should Know By Now, doesn't feel quite right. Echo Lounge (Hutchinson)

LOTSA POPPA — Lotsa Poppa's 40-plus year career has been like a backseat ride in a Chevy Impala. Having shared the bill with some of soul's most seminal sound-makers (Bobby Blue Bland, James Brown, Sam Cooke), Poppa has seen the big-time but has mostly remained a sweet and powerful voice in the shadows. The original Big Poppa brings his 400 pounds of soul to Blind Willie's each week, delivering original and classic soul with his Down-To-Earth Blues Band. Blind Willie's (Bethea)

STEVIE NICKS, JEFFREY GAINES — Once reviled for her pouffy hair, preposterous clothes, nasal voice and silly songs about witches and ghosts, Nicks, now in her 50s, somehow has morphed into a revered, influential role model for the VH-1 generation. Expect a slick show with lots of self-conscious twirling and muted lights. Opening singer/songwriter Gaines has more rocking soul in his little toe than exists in the headliner's entire catalog, so arrive early. Chastain Park Amphitheatre (Horowitz)

RADIOHEAD, THE BETA BAND, KID KOALA — Edinburgh's Beta Band emerged in the mid-'90s with a sense of humor, a sampler and acoustic guitars — a most atypical mix that was closer to funk, prog-rock and hip-hop than folk. The band's latest, retro orchestral Hot Shots II, is a return to form. Canadian DJ Kid Koala rips the soul out of two turntables and shoves it down your throat till it lodges in your ass and bounces around to get out. He scratches up goofy sound effects and samples, but no matter how ridiculous things get, you can take his skills seriously. The Meadow/Stone Mountain Park (Ware)

APACHE CAFE: Boundless soul session with Azikiwe

B-52'S: Karaoke by Robbie with Centerstage Entertainment


CHASTAIN AMPHITHEATER: Stevie Nicks, Jeffrey Gaines

CHURCHILL GROUNDS JAZZ CAFE: The Kebbi Williams ProjectECHO LOUNGE: Barbara Manning and the Go-Luckys, The Moto-Litas

1848 CAFE: Blackgrass Blues with Hal Beaver


FOUNTAINHEAD LOUNGE: Post-modern - Brit-pop, indie, Brit-invasion music & videos

HARVEST CAFE: Drum circle

THE MEADOW AT STONE MOUNTAIN: Radiohead, The Beta Band, Kid Koala

NOMENCLATURE MUSEUM: Down tempo and ambient music

NORTHSIDE TAVERN: Northside Blues Jam hosted by Larry Griffith

PARADOX: Sky Sushi with DJ Shakim, Special T

RED LIGHT CAFE: Faith Kleppinger

SAMBUCA JAZZ CAFE: Chris Chandler and Southern Charm & Swing

SMITH'S OLDE BAR: Rolerboy, JC Activator, Divinity

SPIVEY HALL: Atlanta Jazz Showcase

STAR BAR-L5P: Hari-karaoke, Stomp and Stammer rock and roll trivia

TONGUE & GROOVE: DJ Shakim & Special T

VIOLETTE RESTAURANT: Jus Jazz featuring Dave Wallis, Eddie Taylor, Dan Coy, Shack Lewis, Rita Graham and Pete the bartender