Sound Menu July 25 2001 Wed week out

ATLANTA LOCAL MUSIC AWARDS — Kicking off this year's Atlantis Music Conference, 99X's Steve Craig once again hosts the ALMAs. In addition to awards for best songwriter, heavy/extreme band, hip-hop artist and more, the event features performances by Modern Hero, Brand New Immortals, Baby D, Shawn Mullins, Co-Ed, Doria Roberts, Greta Lee, Tom Collins, Sick Speed, Robin S and John Thomas Griffith. EarthLink Live (Sarig)

BASTARD SONS OF JOHNNY CASH — Nobody can live up to a band name this cool (approved by the Man in Black himself), but its still kinda disappointing when you realize this is safe, run-of-the-mill, honky-tonking C&W. It's tuneful and twangy enough, but there's a lack of outlaw bite that the edgy Cash always exuded, even on his weakest material. The Earl (Horowitz)

THE LAPSE, THE CLOSE, THE FLAKES — Only two days after his brother Ted and his band visit The Earl, Chris Leo and the Lapse arrive in town. Chris earned his rep from such post-punk bands as the Van Pelt, and now with the Lapse performs playfully artsy tunes while batting lyrics and guitars around like a kitten with a ball of string. Moodswing Records' The Close play a similarly lively blend of post-punk. But it's the free-form Flakes' residency, so come see what happens when they let the projections and rock fly on the fly. Star Bar (Ware)

TEMPEST LITTLE BIG BAND — Though the nine-piece ensemble Tempest lacks the numbers to qualify as a big band, its repertoire is steeped in that jazz era's dance-friendly numbers, as well as more challenging, bebop-style fare. Getting set for a biweekly residency at Libby's in November, Tempest graces the cabaret club with a new swing on the sounds of yesteryear. Libby's Cabaret (Sarig)

WILDFLOWERS — A sort of Ozzfest for the Birkenstock/patchouli crowd, the post-hippie lineup of Richie Havens, Roger McGuinn, Janis Ian and headliner Judy Collins oughta provide a satisfying evening of unplugged retro folk-pop for those who yearn for a Woodstock-styled vibe (without the rain and brown acid). Bet you'll smell the incense back at the Starbucks booth. Chastain Park Amphitheatre (Horowitz)

ANDALUZ: Flamenco Company of Atlanta

APACHE CAFE: Al Smith's contemporary vocal jam session

BILLY'S: Heather Luttrell

BRIDGES: Piano with Bruce

chastain amphitheatre: WildflowersCHURCHILL GROUNDS JAZZ CAFE: Pursuance with Lee Hogan & Dan Furman

COMEAUX'S: Sal Gentile & Rick Bell

COWBOYS: Darrin Robbins, Kickback

DARK HORSE TAVERN: Vir7u4l, The Ranting of Eva

DEUX PLEX: Neo-Soul Wednesdays with Hot 97.5's DJ Cha-Cha

THE EARL: Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash, OkolonaEARTHLINK LIVE: Atlanta Local Music Awards with performances by Baby D, Brand New Immortals, Co-eD, Modern Hero, Robin S, Shawn Mullins, Doria Roberts, Sick Speed

ECLIPSE DI LUNA: Bonaventure Quartet

FAT MATT'S RIB SHACK: The Electromatics

40 WATT CLUB-ATHENS: Glen Phillips from Toad The Wet Sprocket, Peter Searcy

KARMA: Cream

KAYA: live jazz, spoken word, poetry


NOMENCLATURE MUSEUM: Reunion - featuring dark wave, ether pop and trance

NORTHSIDE TAVERN: Daniel "Mudcat" Dudeck


SMITH'S OLDE BAR: Juice, The Loft

SOMBER REPTILE: Echo Drive, Fragile-X, Stereo Pulse

STAR BAR-L5P: The Lapse, The Close, The Flakes; J-Stroke, Gnosis, Dr. Fu Man Ju, Rasheed in the vinyl lounge

VININGS INN: Ian Schumacher

VIOLETTE RESTAURANT: Jus Jazz featuring Dave Wallis, Eddie Taylor, Dan Coy, Shack Lewis, Rita Graham

Contributors to this week's Menu are Charles Bethea, Tray Butler, John Falstaff, Mitchell Foy, Hal Horowitz, Matt Hutchinson, James Kelly, Gregory Nicoll, Justin Robertson, Hobart Rowland, Roni Sarig, Lee Smith, Randy Trammell, Tony Ware.