Sound Menu October 03 2001 Wed week out

THE GUESS WHO, JOE COCKER — After Sept. 11, the nasty anti-American sentiments of the unfortunately named "American Woman Tour" will be difficult to stomach. Otherwise the reunion of original Guess Who founding members Burton Cummings and Randy Bachman oughta be a sufficiently professional, hits-filled affair. Raspy voiced opener Cocker can still be a commanding performer if he lays low on the faux-Michael Bolton crap and sticks to soulful, swampy "Delta Lady" styled rock 'n' roll. Fox Theatre (Horowitz)

OTTMAR LIEBERT — Best known for the New-Agey flamenco stylings he applies to fare as diverse as "Little Wing," "Paint it Black" and even Zepp's "Kashmir," the classically trained guitarist Liebert also adds synths and subtle electronics to expand his sonic playing field. Wildly popular as background music for an evening with that special someone, Liebert's soothing approach might make for a snoozy live show. EarthLink Live (Horowitz)

THE LUXURY KINGS — See listing for Wed., Oct. 3. The featured guest tonight is Mark "Harp Guru" Scarbrough. Ya-Ya's Cajun Cuisine (Sarig)

METALLENIUM TOUR — Down to a manageable four bands — God Forbid, Six Feet Under, Lamb of God and Darkest Hour — now that the Euro headliners have wimped out, this tour should still fully serve anyone looking for a little catharsis. Certainly the apocalyptic theme rings chillingly real now. Jersey's God Forbid are a solidly smoking fusion of hardcore, death and stomp metal. Lamb of God, who have lately been garnering tons of press, describe themselves as "pure American metal," whatever that is. Masquerade (Foy)

JIMMY SMITH — The best-known Hammond B3 player alive is a living legend who, based on his fabulous new Dot Com Blues album, refuses to rest on his laurels. Jazz, gospel, R&B, blues and funk all roll into a molten mix as the volcanic 76-year-old Smith steamrolls over the keyboard and bass pedals, proving that class, talent and intensity make for a combustible combination regardless of age. Variety Playhouse (Horowitz)

SHANNON WRIGHT, THE CLOSE — While singer-songwriter Shannon Wright's albums have become more approachable, there's no reason to believe her live show will be any less confrontational. Put aside for a night her smoldering on record to taste her full-on fire. Consider it affordable primal scream therapy. Also playing are the Close, another group of firebrands, playing scorching angular post-punk. The Earl (Ware)

THE BAYOU ROOM: Blues Wednesdays with Motorcity Josh

BILLY'S: Partay with Martay

BLIND WILLIE'S: Paul Geremia

BLUE RACCOON: Acoustic Open Mic hosted by Andrew Black

BRANDYHOUSE: Z93/Brandyhouse Benefit

BRIDGES: Piano with Bruce

BUFFALO'S: Name That Tune

CAJUN KITCHEN: Occam's Razor

CALLANWOLDE: Poetry Reading

CHURCHILL GROUNDS JAZZ CAFE: Pursuance with Lee Hogan & Dan Furman

CJ'S LANDING: Sound Track Mind

CLUB GENO'S: The Brethern

COWBOYS: Darrin Robbins, Kickback


DARK HORSE TAVERN: Patrick Blanchard & the Big Mighty, Jane Ivy

DARWIN'S: Open Blues Jam hosted by the Hybrids

THE EARL: Shannon Wright, The Close

EARTHLINK LIVE: Ottmar Liebert

ECLIPSE DI LUNA: Bonaventure Quartet

EDDIE'S ATTIC: Amanda Quarles, Kyler, Kevin Jackson


FAT MATT'S RIB SHACK: The Electromatics

40 WATT CLUB-ATHENS: DJ Sucks, Spaceshot, pH Balance, Alastor

FOX THEATRE: The Guess Who, Joe Cocker

FUZZY'S: Commotions

KARMA: Cream

KAYA: Wind Down Wednesday - live jazz, spoken word, poetry

LUBY'S: Stuart Sullivan

MASQUERADE: Metallenium Tour

METROPOLITAN PIZZA: Metropolitan Wednesdays

MUSIC FARM: Cowboy Mouth with Fighting Gravity

9 LIVES SALOON: Bitch, Doubledrive, Exit 8

NOMENCLATURE MUSEUM: Reunion - featuring dark wave, ether pop and trance

NORTHSIDE TAVERN: Daniel "Mudcat" Dudeck


POETRY PLANET: Bare Soul Wednesdays

POPPER'S: Karaoke

RAY'S ON THE RIVER: Waveform with Doc Samuels, Larry Jackson, Tom Woodruff

SAMBUCA JAZZ CAFE: Melanie Massell

SMITH'S OLDE BAR: Yonder Mountain String Band


STAR BAR-L5P: Flathead Mike and the Mercury's with special guests

SWEET DEVIL MOON: Mauricio Manuza


VIOLETTE RESTAURANT: Jus Jazz featuring Dave Wallis, Eddie Taylor, Dan Coy, Shack Lewis, Rita Graham

Contributors to this week's Menu are Keely Brown, Mitchell Foy, Hal Horowitz, Matthew Hutchison, J. Edward Keyes, Omar Khalid, Kevin Madigan, Gregory Nicoll, Hobart Rowland, Jayne St. John, Roni Sarig, Lee Smith, Randy Trammell and Tony Ware.