Sound Menu October 10 2001 Wed week out

BONAVENTURE QUARTET — See listing for Wed., Oct. 10. Eclipse di Luna (Sarig)

CHIP HOUSTON, LAURA BLACKLEY BAND, BRIAN DOYLE — Houston, fast becoming an Eddie's regular with his spiritually aware lyrics, shares the stage tonight with Ashville-based Blackley, who brings along her band for a set of Americana and rootsy/soulful folk-rock, and Atlantan Doyle, a singer/songwriter also rooted in the rock tradition. Eddie's Attic (Smith)

JACK INGRAM, BEAVER NELSON — It's hard to imagine a Texas honky-tonker more suitable for export than Jack Ingram. And while mentions of Merle Haggard, Steve Earle and other seasoned country rebels seem to follow the guy, he's got a few things they lack: youth, good looks and, well, good looks. Also working in his favor: collaborative relationships with some of the best underdog songwriters in the business, including Todd Snider, Bruce Robison and Jim Lauderdale. More nuanced vocals of late have helped silence contentions that Ingram is little more than the hunky, well-meaning sum of his influences. Beaver Nelson brings a certain stylistic unruliness to the already-eclectic Americana formula on his latest, Little Brother. Smith's Olde Bar (Rowland)

NIGHTHAWKS — Thirty years and still chugging along, Washington, D.C.'s hardest working bar band somehow manages to never go through the motions. They're talented musicians who've honed their three rugged nightly sets into a show that's as tight and exciting as anyone on the 200-plus-shows-a-year grind. Blind Willie's (Horowitz)

THE RAPTURE, ELECTROSLEEP INTERNATIONAL, COPA VANCE — The Rapture return with a twitchy mix that has been rightly described as "the Gang of Four fucking The Who up the ass." Electrosleep International resides where the paths of Killing Joke, Nation of Ulysses and Wire converge. Copa Vance gets in on the action with post-punk pandemonium. The Earl (Ware)

THE APACHE CAFE: Al Smith & Friends

THE BAYOU ROOM: Donna Hopkins

BLIND WILLIE'S: The Nighthawks

BRANDYHOUSE: Z93/Brandyhouse Benefit

BRIDGES: Piano with Bruce

CHURCHILL GROUNDS JAZZ CAFE: Pursuance with Lee Hogan & Dan Furman

CLUB GENO'S: The Brethern

COWBOYS: Darrin Robbins, Kickback


DARWIN'S: Open Blues Jam hosted by Heaven Davis

THE EARL: The Rapture, Copa Vance, Electrosleep International

ECLIPSE DI LUNA: Bonaventure Quartet

EDDIE'S ATTIC: Chip Houston, Laura Blackley Band, Brian Doyle

FAT MATT'S RIB SHACK: The Electromatics

40 WATT CLUB-ATHENS: Digital Underground, Slackdaddy

FUZZY'S: Mike Veal


KARMA: Cream

KAYA: Komplex featuring DJ Rich Medina and Lady Alma, hosted by Dres the Beatnik

THE LIVING ROOM: R&B, Funk, Acid Jazz, House

MASQUERADE: Mortician, Exhumed, Signs of Dying, Apocalyptic Visions

METROPOLITAN PIZZA: Metropolitan Wednesdays

9 LIVES SALOON: Bitch, Bang the Union

NOMENCLATURE MUSEUM: Reunion - featuring dark wave, ether pop and trance

NORTHSIDE TAVERN: Daniel "Mudcat" Dudeck

PECKERHEAD BREWERY: Open Mic with Debone


THE POETRY PLANET: Bare Soul Wednesday

POPPER'S: Karaoke

RAY'S ON THE RIVER: Waveform with Doc Samuels, Larry Jackson, Tom Woodruff



SAMBUCA JAZZ CAFE: Gwen Hughes Quartet

SMITH'S OLDE BAR: Jack Ingram, Beaver Nelson

STAR BAR-L5P: Flathead Mike and the Mercurys , Kickstart, the Getting Headstones

VIOLETTE RESTAURANT: Jus Jazz featuring Dave Wallis, Eddie Taylor, Dan Coy, Shack Lewis, Rita Graham

WHISKER'S TAVERN-DUNWOODY: The Surpriz Blues & Soul BandContributors to this week's Menu are Mitchell Foy, Jason Hatcher, Hal Horowitz, Matthew Hutchinson, James Kelly, Omar Khalid, Gregory Nicoll, Bryan Powell, Todd Prusin, Hobart Rowland, Jane St. John, Roni Sarig, Lee Smith, Michael Wall and Tony Ware.