Careers resuscitated by pop-culture comedy

Most celebrities reach a point when their 15 minutes are up, and nobody cares where they are or what they're doing. Some, however, have been lucky enough to bounce back, thanks to being spoofed and made fun of to the point that they return to the public eye, bigger and more popular than ever before. Better to be laughed at than forgotten, right?

1) Rick James — Before his death in August 2004, the whole world was screaming, "I'm Rick James, bitch!" as they pimp-slapped somebody thanks to "Chappelle's Show" skits impersonating the notorious super-freak musician.

2) Chuck Norris — From the movie Sidekicks to the TV show "Walker: Texas Ranger," few people in the history of the world have been as simultaneously lame and bad-ass as Norris. This dynamic combination of attributes has been celebrated by the movie Dodgeball, "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," and the frequently visited website www.chucknorrisfacts.com.

3) Bob Saget — Saget's role on "Full House" as bitch-ass Danny Tanner annihilated all of his cool points and misrepresented the foul-mouthed comic gem that he actually is. After years off, Saget has returned in a major way, sucking dick for coke in Half Baked, stealing the show in the raunchy film The Aristocrats, appearing as a bong-smoking, hooker-screwing version of himself in "Entourage," and blazing the mic in Jamie Kennedy's new song, "Rolling with Saget."

4) David Hasselhoff — He was cool for a while on "Knight Rider" and then faded into obscurity. (Repeat sentence with "Baywatch.") However, since the clip of him crying like a punk when Taylor Hicks was named "American Idol" hit the airwaves and he began judging "America's Got Talent," he's been the funniest name to drop this summer. Aside from his scene-stealing role in Adam Sandler's Click, there has been serious Internet demand for his old music videos, which are still popular in Germany. But then again, so was Hitler at one point.

5) Elizabeth Berkley -- Somehow she transitioned from "Saved By the Bell's" straight-A student Jessie Spano to a stripper in Showgirls and a prostitute in Any Given Sunday, but is currently going through a career dry spell. I suggest we all start making fun of her now to get her back on track. Consider it your good deed for the day.

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