Campy dance videos

There are certain artists — like Missy Elliott or Justin Timberlake — who put out videos knowing the public expects to see the finest choreography around. Then there are other artists who occasionally catch the viewing public off guard with their surprisingly well-crafted, campy dance numbers. Here are a few of the wackiest and most unexpected:

1) “Weapon of Choice” — Fatboy Slim: This video took the ever-wacky Christopher Walken and displayed his classically trained, Broadway-dancing skills to the world.

2) “It’s Oh So Quiet” — Bjork: Between dancing in a tire shop, dancing with mailboxes and dancing in the street with umbrellas and khakis, this video is part Gap commercial, part acid trip.

3) “Virtual Insanity” — Jamiroquai: The whole floor moves like a treadmill, so Jason Kay got to invent new moves while fighting to stay standing.

4) “A Million Ways” — OK Go: Say what you will about their looks — these four rock geeks have synchronized moves that would make any boy band jealous.

5) “True Faith” — New Order: The video begins with two men in Styrofoam tubing, bitch-slapping each other to the beat. What more could I ask for?

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