Movies to scare you shitless

Top Five

I was the child plagued by nightmares, regularly found curled up sleepless on the floor next to my parents' bed. Oddly enough, horror movies became my genre of choice as an adolescent and there's no better time to revisit them than October. (Halloween, duh.) So here are the top five movies that scared me shitless long after it was socially acceptable to sleep with my parents:

1) Candyman — Bees, a hook and a catchphrase guaranteed to keep you out of the bathroom for weeks.

2) Pet Sematary — A resurrected devil cat and a truck-flattened son with a second chance and a bag full of surgical tools. Thank you Stephen King.

3) The Pit — The result of a cable-free Saturday and bad judgment. Lesson learned? Stay out of the woods and be nice to the shy kid.

4) Shallow Grave — How much money would it take for you to grind up a corpse's bones and destroy its teeth with a hammer?

5) From Justin to Kelly — Between the bone-chilling choreography and the spine-tingling songwriting it's hard not to loose all hope.

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