Chris Black's shameless self-promotion

Manager for DJ Rob Wonder and Cartel

As manager to DJ Rob Wonder and Atlanta punk-pop sensation Cartel, Chris Black knows a thing or two about promoting. Black can tell you firsthand that keeping up the hype about his clients as well as his own company, Done to Death Management, is a full-time job. Think about the guys from Adult Swim: One small act of promoting resulted in an absurd bomb threat but massive publicity. So, take some notes; here are Chris Black's top five ways to shamelessly self-promote:

1) Image: "You or your artists' faces need to be plastered on stickers, buttons and T-shirts. Nothing is better than people wearing you. Bobblehead dolls are also a BIG plus."

2) Slogans: "Rip them off, create your own — whatever. If it's funny or clever people will remember it. Think: 'Make It Rain,' 'Walk It Out,' 'Do Work,' etc. ..."

3) Net working: "Al Gore gave us a valuable tool. Use it 24 hours a day. It never ends, America. You can say and do whatever you please. INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY!"

4) Crackberry: "Constant contact is key. When you stop communicating, you stop promoting. Don't blame me for the carpal tunnel or annoyed friends."

5) Crew: "Surround yourself with other characters who like to do or create cool stuff. Haters help no cause."

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