Top five ways to spark a movement

Meshakai Wolf's manifesto

China had Mao; Atlanta has Meshakai Wolf. The California-born, New York-bred artist knows a thing or two about sparking a cultural revolution — communist rhetoric aside. His New Street art gallery in Avondale (www.newstreet.org) doubles as a recording studio/record label. It features several of the city's most unique acts, including JuJu B. Solomon, Isia Cooper, Ocha la Rocha and the duo Magic Apron, whose recent release Orphan Harmony brims over with acoustic strings, electronic hums and breezy harmonies. Check out Meshakai's abridged manifesto.

1) Roughagism: "Eat your vegetables and whole grains, and lay off the fatty, processed shit. Drink a lot of water."

2) Spacism: "Create a public space where artists and musicians can gather for exhibitions and performances. Preferably one less than two light years away."

3) Bicyclism: "Ride a bike. Motion is inevitable."

4) Pluralism: "Support local independent art and music. A movement is instigated not only by artists from various disciplines and genres, but also from different age groups and cultural scenes."

5) ATLism: "Don't move to Brooklyn. Unless, of course, you like good pizza and/or proper public transportation."

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