Keys to being an Atlanta 'it' girl

BangBang kills them dead

A party ain't bangin' without Ree de la Vega. Since starting BangBang last year, she's inspired a growing coterie of midnight marauders to get down every third Thursday of the month at her themed MJQ parties. Her rep for making shit pop has ballooned in the process. So how does she move, shake and make it happen without losing her cool? Glad you asked. Check out Ree's keys to being an Atlanta "it" girl.

1) Dress: "Look your best at all times. If you're broke, trade in some old sneakers from Wish for a fab vintage gown at Rag-O-Rama. Tell 'em Ree sent ya."

2) Name: "Create a new one for yourself. Something fab like Fadia Kader, Ian Ford, Midnight Socialite, Black Socialite or Papa Bang Bang."

3) Entertainment: "Yes, you are somewhat of a novelty item, so at times you may serve as a source of entertainment for the people around you. Don't worry. They think you're fab."

4) Out on the town: "Consume massive amounts of alcohol. You and everyone around you will have a much more fab time."

5) Exposure: "Flash your tits at least once a month. Don't worry. They're fab."

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