Differences between Atlanta and L.A.

Transplant Stacy Epps counts 'em down

Atlanta is more than a retirement home for old-school rappers and a playground for urban celebrities buying second homes. It also attracts creative-minded talents such as Stacy Epps. In L.A., Epps was a rising rapper/singer who rolled with bleeding-edge hip-hoppers such as Madlib and (former Atlantan) John "Lil Sci" Robinson. But she just bought a house here and is struck by how different ATL is from the City of Angels. Here are the top five things she's noticed.

1) Cost of living: "It's just way higher in L.A. Atlanta is affordable."

2) Weed: "Medical marijuana is legal in L.A. ... I mean, come on. It's way more affordable, it's cheaper and it's a billion times better grade than here."

3) Hollywood: "Period."

4) Number of black people: "There's more black people in Atlanta than in the whole state of California."

5) Hippies and helicopters: "Basically, L.A. is full of hippies. That's just what it is. And you'll hear helicopters over your head every single night, probably five times a night, shining bright lights upon you."

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