Why radio rap is wack

Don't push DJ Larmarrous, 'cause he's close to the edge

DJs come a dime a dozen nowadays. All you need is a laptop and a frontal lobe, based on some of the hip-hop commercial radio regurgitates. DJ Larmarrous is different, which is why he's opened for artists such as Anthony David, Goapele and Roy Ayers. If you want to check out his set, turn off the radio and head to the Harlem Bar (262 Edgewood Ave.) every Thursday night for Beats & Eats, or Kat's Cafe (970 Piedmont Ave.) where he spins every Friday. But before you even think about making a special request, here's why he won't be playing any watered-down beats and rhymes.

1) Stuck on stupid: "You already hear it 50 times a day, so why do I need to spin it?"

2) Bad for your health: "It has been proven that radio rap will give you brain damage and has been linked to cancer."

3) Dumbed down: "I remember when MCs sounded like they made it past the third grade!"

4) No passion: "When a producer brags about how he made the track in five minutes, he's letting you know how much thought went into impressing you."

5) No skills: "A radio rapper is more worried about improving his personal wealth; an MC is worried about improving his skill level."

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