Penney's favorite Teahouse acts

Good for what ails you

Penney Balmes doesn't serve crumpets with her tea. Instead she offers up a generous helping of the city's experimental music scene at 11:11 Teahouse. Since opening the homey location at 753 Edgewood Ave. more than two years ago, the Teahouse has become a hub of activity for progressive-minded folk with good taste. And Balmes has discriminating taste of her own. She regularly features some of the city's best emerging bands in an intimate, all-ages space that feels more like a living room than a performance venue. The next scheduled show, Nov. 17, features the Winter Sounds, Brooke Waggoner, Sealions and the Lemurs ($5, 8 p.m.). When Balmes' favorite local acts stop through, she knows exactly what type of beverage they need to loosen up the phlegm.

1) Judi Chicago: "Bubble tea"

2) Tree Creature: "Hot apple cider with whiskey"

3) Magic Apron: "Kava kava"

4) Johnny Buffalo: "Brain tonic"

5) Isia Cooper: "She knows how to pick her own tea."

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