Haute & Couture's DJ wish list

DJ duo lists the people they'd love to DJ next to

Holiday season or not, everyone has an ongoing wish list of places they want to go and people they want to meet. And though some may get what they want, there are plenty of lists that fall under the category of "never gonna happen." Chuck Jones and Lindsey Crowell — who make up local DJ duo Haute & Couture and host "Haute Mess" at Mary's every second Wednesday of the month — definitely fall into the latter category. This week, they give us their wish list of the top five people they'd love to DJ next to. Check them out Dec. 12 at Mary's where they'll celebrate their two-year anniversary party.

1) Michael Jackson: "Because seeing the dance floor turn into a sea of synchronized dancing zombies would be the pinnacle of our career."

2) Richard Simmons: "I mean, because face it ... it would be effing hilarious."

3) George W. Bush: "Because anyone who uses terms like 'the Google' and 'the Internets' will prove to be a genius on the 1s and 2s."

4) Biggie Shorty from Pootie Tang: "Nothing says get up and dance like Wanda Sykes in a fluorescent green wig."

5) The MisShapes: "Because they suck more than we do. Although, their publicity machine would be much welcomed."

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