Ryan Miracle's bitch list

Faith in Arms drummer keeps it hardcore

The hardcore scene continues to gain momentum despite virtually no coverage from the mainstream. Going against the grain is one of the main attractions, and an entire subculture of expression — tiny shirts, sweeping bangs, screaming vocals — has sprung up along the way. But some trends have inevitably fallen by the wayside. Drummer Ryan Miracle has been the beat behind local honchos Faith in Arms (www.myspace.com/faithinarms) since its induction into the scene in 2004, and has watched kids come and go just about as much as the fashion. Here are his do's and don'ts for the hardcore underground.

1) "Don't wear girl pants. I don't know who started that shit, but it needs to stop."

2) "Do play some catchy music. I'm tired of hearing the same breakdowns and lead parts. I mean ... it's not catchy. It doesn't strike my ear."

3) "Don't gauge your ears. All my friends have been gauging their ears over the last year, between one-and-a-half inches and 2 inches. And now they've taken them out and they all look like butt cheeks."

4) "Do play your shit fast. If you're going to be a metal band, there's no point in playing slow."

5) "Just be yourself. Music is not about image. It's about taking mathematics and turning it into emotion."

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