Treasure Fingers' treasure chest

2007's greatest hits

Everyone loves New Year's Eve. You're surrounded by friends on the biggest party night of the year, and there's champagne. It's also a time to look back at the past 12 months and remember — or try to forget — all that made the year unique. Best known for DJing local parties such as Fuck Yesss and Afterlife, Ashley Jones (aka DJ Treasure Fingers) is an Atlanta native who will spend 2008 touring the globe and playing music. Before he does, he helps us clock in the New Year by counting down his top five memories, moments and trends of '07.

1) 18-plus parties in ATL: "The younger crowd always goes off at these parties, and they keep the scene fresh with tons of new faces."

2) 2girls1cup.com: "It's my Firefox home page!"

3) Remixes: "The return of the remix, this time without any rules, guidelines or shame."

4) Electronic dance music: "The mainstream embraced it. Now everyone is getting a piece of the action."

5) Celebrity train wrecks: "2007 was just completely ridiculous for celebrity scandals. I have super high expectations for 2008! I'm predicting an Olsen twins sex tape with Michael Vick and Tony Snow."

-- Ellis Jones

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