Velben's relocation rationale

Motor City soulster makes tracks to Atlanta

Ever since Motown went Hollywood, the Motor City's soul scene has gone south, according to Detroit native Velben. So the soul crooner has decided to relocate to Atlanta this week with a new resolve. He should fit in well with the rest of the transplant ATLiens, considering the smooth, spacey sound of his 2006 Formless EP. Here's a short list of what he looks forward to upon his arrival.

1) Jobs: "I see the job market is so much better in the ATL. Maybe I can become the owner of the Waffle House. Then I can replace waffles with pancakes and spend hours explaining to customers why it's called the Waffle House."

2) Scene: "It's always good to experience a different atmosphere. So I gave up smelling the gunpowder for watching deer run across the streets."

3) Weather: "I can't stand the cold winters in Michigan. I know Georgia will shut everything down for an inch of snow."

4) Fans: "I'm hoping to actually create a fanbase. I don't want no psychos, though. So if you have the urge to stalk, cut, shoot or stab, then I'm cool."

5) Music: "I figured if I go somewhere else and style on these ho's, then maybe Detroit will appreciate me ... lol."

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