Holy rap attack, Batman

Inspirational hip-hop duo stays grounded

The phrase "holy hip-hop" is an oxymoron to some and an albatross to others. Atlanta-based, six-year vets Platinum Souls — Ms. Ty Scott and Ricardo Flo — prefer to offer inspiration rather than didactic interpretation. Yet they've earned props at Atlanta's annual Holy Hip-Hop Awards, which take place Jan. 18-19 at Center Stage. Here are a few more things that set them apart.

1) Why they avoid the holy hip-hop tag: "We just don't like to be pigeonholed," Flo says.

2) How they kept bumping into each other: "We actually were both hired to do Pizza Hut jingles," Ms. Ty says. "So when Flo was leaving, I was coming in. That was how we decided we needed to figure out what this connection is supposed to be about."

3) How "Dey Don't Know" landed on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Single Sales chart: "The industry told us that singles were going out," Flo says. "So, of course we can sell more than Janet or Justin, because they really don't have singles in the store."

4) Why they give credit to 2 Live Crew: "We don't mimic ... them, but they brought something to freedom of speech."

5) Why they're less preachy: "Too many Christians are like ... 'You're going to hell,'" says Flo. "That's not our message. Our message is the kingdom is coming."

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