Yen reveals his soul

R&B just got a shade lighter

In a city full of soul singers, Yen (pronounced "Ian") stands out for obvious reasons. The youngest of 10, Yen was raised in western Michigan after his family fled Vietnam. His new album, Introducing the Sound of AsiansoulRnB, highlights a lifetime of experience that stretches back to his gospel-singing days as a teenager with the Kalamazoo Mass Choir. Since relocating to Atlanta five years ago, he often collaborates with locally based vocalist Vinx and his Soul Kitchen crew. But in case the day comes when a major label shows interest, he's been working on five surefire ways to hook them.

1) Got talent: "If William Hung and Paris Hilton can get a record deal, I know I can. Doesn't talent count for something anymore?"

2) Kill that noise: "Karaoke is getting old. You know the stereotype of Asians and karaoke. Need I say more?"

3) Gimmick-free: "I don't lip-synch or have a body double on stage."

4) More soul than Seoul: "I'm always told, 'That Chinese boy can SANG!'"

5) Shameless plug: "Just listen and decide for yourself at www.asiansoulRnB.net."

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