'We fun as hell'

Jessica Juggz gives five reasons why Atlanta rocks

Jessica Juggz embodies everything outrageous about Atlanta's DIY rock scene. She books shows, plays in local bands such as Mourdella (which throws a CD-release party at Star Bar Feb. 7 at 8 p.m.), and shoots fire from her crotch. Add them up and you get a big, gooey mess. But Rome wasn't built on good, clean fun, either.

1) We Fun: "A group of filmmakers is filming a documentary about Atlanta's underground scene. Along with my friends the Black Lips, Die Slaughterhaus Records and Deerhunter, we're all in it balls deep!"

2) Flaming lips: "When I was 21, I pretty much ran away with the circus and learned how to do all this crazy shit. ... I call it pussy flambé!"

3) Satisfaction: "Every night there is a show or a party somewhere: Tuesdays at El Bar, Wednesdays at MJQ, days spent at the Clermont Lounge ... anytime at the war room!"

4) Death Race 2008: "If you're curious, ask me on March 6 at the Earl. I'll be the girl playing drums."

5) Leftovers: "Atlanta is too much fun for a top five list. Ask me this question 200 times and the answers would be different."

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