Best things about hitting the road

Tommy Chung loves Ethiopian food

Touring is crucial in the life of a band. It's a grind, but traveling the country to play music with a vanload of friends isn't the worst way to kill time. Tommy Chung, member of the Selmanaires, shares his favorite touring perks.

1) Camaraderie: "Nothing brings four dudes together — or destroys friendships — like being on the road in a smelly van for weeks on end."

2) Not having to go to work: "I love my job at Aurora Coffee, but it's pretty nice to take a break from making lattes and washing dishes. Touring is still work, though. Don't believe the hype about the glitz and glamour. We're like truckers, minus the STDs and trucker caps."

3) Meeting random dilettantes and degenerates: "The best is when we stay with these hospitable weirdos and wonder whether they're going to eat us during our few hours of slumber or if they're going to make us breakfast in the morning."

4) Traveling for free: "What's better than seeing the world hungover, sleep-deprived and hungry, with three of your best friends?"

5) Eating regional cuisine: "I love the culinary diversity of our continent. Breakfast tacos in Austin, 24-hour hot dog stands in Toronto, Neapolitan pizza in New York, and believe it or not, Ethiopian food in Minneapolis and Milwaukee."

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