Kickin' it with crazy Kanye West

Paul Sheehy leaves studio session with new respect for 'Ye

Wednesday February 27, 2008 12:04 am EST

When producer and Milk Money Consulting audio engineer Paul Sheehy got the call to work a session with Kanye West at Atlanta's Doppler Studios, he just knew he'd return with some crazy-ass Kanye stories to tell. But after 12 hours spent with West and producer DJ Toomp as they tracked verses on the Grammy-winning song "Good Life," Sheehy returned empty-handed. All he got to show for it was a Grammy certificate of achievement — and a newfound respect for West's normalness.
1) Punk'd: "He came out of the booth when the microphone was messing up and he said kinda serious, 'This isn't how you treat a Grammy Award-winning artist.' There was like a pause ... then everyone started laughing."

2) Brownie points: "I got to hear the album like months before it came out. He asked my opinion of 'Stronger.' I told him I loved it. It was awesome."

3) BFF: "He's as normal as a creative person can be. We're all kinda weird to an extent."

4) Tame groupie action: "Some girl came in at one point and we didn't know who she was. ... As she was leaving, she was saying good night, but she was taking everyone's hand and putting it on her face."

5) Don't believe the hype: "I couldn't tell if he does that stuff like he did on the Grammys for show, or if he's just trying to ... cause controversy, which helps him sell records."

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