'You're from the A if ...'

Native Jimmy Jones pulls your ATL card

Wednesday April 2, 2008 12:04 am EDT

In a city full of transplants, ATL2Nite.com President Jimmy Jones is the go-to dude for urban nightlife. But his next venture, Sections in the City, could crown him king of clubs. The 877-4-ATLVIP hotline will give clubbers instant access to book VIP sections in Atlanta hot spots. The less endowed can catch him every Friday at Over Da Edge (483 Edgewood Ave., 404-681-3343) for Ladies Night Live. Just don't expect to curry hometown favor unless you've experienced the following:

1) Social scene: "If you remember when Freaknik shut the whole city down, then Bill Campbell shut Freaknik down — for real!"

2) Music scene: "If you remember when 104.1 was 104.7 and 107.9 was 97.5, and Ryan Cameron was the 'R-to-the-Y-to-the-A-N, and what you get, is what you're not C-in.'"

3) Party scene: "If you remember getting more phone numbers outside the Buckhead clubs than inside. Or, if you remember when All-Star Weekend was here, and every dude had on a jersey and a fur coat — what was that about?"

4) Dance scene: "If you remember doing any of these dances: the Bankhead Bounce — with a partner — the Ragtop, dropping it all the way down to the floor ... and saying 'yeek' on every four count."

5) Making a scene: "If you, a member of your crew, or a close family member ever got kicked out of a Waffle House at 4 o'clock in the morning for fighting, cursing at the cook, or just for being too Atlanta, shawty!"

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