Behind the music of Atlanta's funniest band of punks

Why Trophy Wives love that meth

Trophy Wives put on a vivacious punk rock show, causing the audience to not only dance but laugh at their witty banter and crude jokes between songs. Attendees may even luck out and see drummer Will Brown wear the infamous sailor outfit, complete with a blow-up doll. The group's first album, In Heat, is a reflection of each member's humor and personality. Brown and Mike Francisco explain the meaning behind each song, which they'll be performing at Nophest '08, April 18-20.

1) "285" (Mike): "I thought it would be amusing to write an Atlant-o-centric song, as if everyone in the world knew where I-285 was."

2) "Henry County Meth Lab" (Will): "Word on the street is our rich kids cook better meth than anyone else in the country. That's something to be proud of, I guess."

3) "Death O' Me (She'll Be the)" (Mike): "Ex-girlfriends inspired this song. It's a murder-suicide epic you can dance to!"

4) "Re-Penetrator" (Will): "We have songs about zombies, rednecks, and even redneck zombies, so the only other thing we can pay homage to is zombie porn."

5) "Kill the Brain, Kill the Ghoul" (Mike): "The title is an infamous line from Night of the Living Dead. As far as movie-themed song ideas go, NotLD barely beat out The Adventures of Milo and Otis."

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