NoSo's Jim Nastix gets scholastic with it

If you can make it in a dorm room, you can make it anywhere

While earning a degree in mathematics at Oglethorpe University, James "Jim Nastix" Sutherland wasn't too busy to start his own production company. Today he produces hip-hop and R&B artists, and scores films and commercials on the side. Eventually, Sutherland plans to establish a label that focuses its profits toward creating social change. He named his production company NoSo, in honor of the place where it was founded: Sutherland's North/South Hall dorm room. Check out his top five reasons why a dorm room is the best place to start a production company.

1) Bad acoustics: "If you can make a song sound good having recorded and mixed it in a dorm room, you probably should be making money as an engineer."

2) Population density: "When you have 5,000 students packed together on a tiny campus, you're bound to come across a few with the same interests as you."

3) Access to information: "Being 'in' with a university system grants you Internet access, a library, and access to studios and equipment way above your budget.

4) Instant fan base: "There's a loyalty between college students that creates an instant fan base if you are producing music on campus."

5) Performance opportunities: "If you are willing to be creative and figure out a club or organization at the university to work with, you can organize your own showcases and raise money for all sorts of worthwhile causes."

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