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The Pinx speak 'drukenese' and play Vinyl

The Pinx's face-melting rock inspired by Led Zeppelin, David Bowie and the Kinks makes for one hell of a show, especially if they start spewing beer on the crowd. The trio, made up of Adam McIntyre, Joseph Giddings and Jim O'Kane, plays Vinyl Friday, April 25. Here McIntyre and Giddings list five reasons why it's better to play a rock show obliterated.

1) Superior performance: "I've never made a mistake while drunk. I mean, have you seen us up there? If we get a few drinks in, we're absolutely incapable of doing any wrong. What's that word for when you're infallible? Infallible. Which is what we are while drunk," McIntyre says.

2) Light as a feather: "Alcohol makes the blood thinner, so we jump higher on stage," Giddings says.

3) When in Rome ...: "Distorting reality allows you to do incredibly unpleasant things. As a touring musician, one inevitably deals with this horrifying scenario: playing in front of people. Nothing sends a chill down your spine like realizing you're about to act like a jerk in front of 400 inebriated hedonists. You must become one of them and blend in," McIntyre says.

4) Poetic license: "Forgot the words? No matter! The words you are saying are garbled 'drukenese' anyway. No one will notice," Giddings says.

5) Being yourself: "No one is ever as ugly and self-absorbed as they are while they're inebriated. Embrace that. Do the hell out of it," McIntyre says.

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