DJ Rasta Root's sexual chocolate

Songs to clear the dance floor

When DJ Rasta Root isn't busy hosting his own satellite radio show on XM 65 The Rhyme ("Classic Example," 11 p.m.-midnight, Fridays) or killing sets every second Friday at MJQ (Face/Off Fridays), you might find him ripping turntables in clubs across the globe, from Japan to Canada. No matter where he spins, at the end of the night one thing is inevitable: He must clear the dance floor. Here are his favorite ways to git 'er done.

1) "Greatest Love of All," Randy Watson (Coming to America) — "Anyone who ever saw the movie remembers that scene at the fundraiser. So people are usually cracking up and chiming in with 'Sexual Chocolate.'"

2) "Can You Stand the Rain," New Edition — "I throw this one on for all those guys who want to make one last-ditch effort to take a girl home by proving that they know every word to the song, even if it's out of key."

3) "Strobelight Honey," Black Sheep — "How fast a 10 turns into a four or five once the lights come on. You usually see guys and girls scouring to the exit like roaches."

4) "Soul Glo" from Coming to America — "Lets me know who had and didn't have a Jheri curl, and exactly when they stopped feeding it that ever-so-important life force: activator."

5) "Put It in Your Mouth," Akinyele — "Put this song on, and anybody who ever fronted like they weren't a freak magically becomes one. Warning: This song will not clear the dance floor."

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