Alexander Chaudhry goes on a soundscape

Movie music matters

Soundtracks can make a film. When done right, the result is magical, combining image, sound and emotion. Alexander Chaudhry, host of WRAS-FM's (88.5) soundtrack show, "Nitrate88" (Saturdays, 11 a.m.-1 p.m.), and film music connoisseur, shares his top five musical movie moments just in time for summer blockbusters.

1) "The End," Apocalypse Now: "The intro to Apocalypse Now really set the tone for the downward spiral into the human psyche."

2) "Big Victory March; Alex Returns," The Last Starfighter: "Wasn't that every kid's dream in the '80s? To play an arcade game, hit that top score, and then have aliens from space come and recruit you to help them save the universe?"

3) "Escape from the Hospital (and T1000)," Terminator 2: Judgment Day: "The Terminator slowly approaches as Sarah Connor screams in terror, only to free her from her captors. She comes face to face with her nightmare, the Terminator, who simply states, 'Come with me if you want to live.' From there, it's a roller coaster."

4) "Born To Be Wild," Easy Rider: "Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper riding down the highway, living the American dream. Free and unencumbered, these two hippies begin their epic journey across the United States."

5) "Main Title," Phantasm: "Ah, Phantasm ... the tall man, '70s hairdos, bald ice cream men, short monsters in brown robes reminiscent of Star Wars, and flying, metallic Swiss Army brain-drilling spheres! What's to hate?"

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