Tony Hawk trades in his dunks

Skateboarding icon lists his fave pop stars

If skateboarding has a face, it's Tony Hawk. He and a handful of other athletes brought skating to the mainstream, leading legions of tween boys to squawk about how "skateboarding is not a crime!" Hawk's Boom Boom HuckJam tour hits the Lakewood Amphitheatre Thurs., July 24, at 6:30 p.m. Here, he ponders the top five rock or rap stars he'd like to be if he weren't, you know, Tony freakin' Hawk.

1) Joe Strummer: "He pioneered a genre of music and continued to refine it until his last day."

2) Perry Farrell: "He seems endlessly creative and he must have some ridiculous stories from the early days of Jane's Addiction."

3) Beck: "I like all of his work. Well, some of the remixes are a little much. I once talked to one of his producers, Mike Simpson of Dust Brothers fame, and he said, 'Beck never has a bad idea.'"

4) Mark Mothersbaugh: "A nerd's superhero. Although I'd hate that most people only knew me from 'Whip It.'"

5) DMX or Flavor Flav: "I want to know what goes on in either of their heads, and how it can possibly make sense."

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