Drag king Owen McCord's top five impersonations

By Boy George, she's got it

In fourth grade, Liz Ellis' cousin dressed her as Boy George for Halloween, and the Culture Club frontman never really seemed to leave her. Today, she is Owen McCord, one of Atlanta's drag kings and still performing as Boy George, among others. Here, she gives her five favorite men to impersonate.

1) You gotta have faith: "Everybody loves a good George Michael. I mean, he's a sex symbol. I can come into Blake's — any predominantly male gay bar — and do George Michael, and the boys love it."

2) One for the money: "I love Elvis' style of dancing. He had Southern roots like me. But I definitely like his showmanship, and that's something I lean to ... Not everyone always appreciates Elvis. Either you love him or you hate him."

3) 2.7 seconds on a bull named Fu Manchu: "If I'm trying to reach a certain audience, I can pull out any Tim McGraw song. And if there's a little bit of country in the audience, they'll absolutely love it."

4) Karma chameleon: "Boy George gives me that crossover, that androgynous look that I really like to do sometimes. And I do the full makeup, the hat, the wig — everything."

5) Sex bomb: "I guess Tom Jones is more of a '70s sex symbol. I'm not a big fan of Tom Jones, but it's a good impersonation for me. That, and Tom Jones is flashy as hell."

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