Hot fun in the summertime

As summer kicks into gear, people are inspired to get active. And every athlete needs a soundtrack. Clarence Emmons, general manager of Stratosphere Skateboards in Little Five Points, lists five songs propelling his board this season.

1) "Dreams Never End," New Order: "I played it once at a party and everyone's clothes fell off. The footage was all over YouTube for a minute and was since taken down. It was too hot."

2) "By Fist and Fury," Tommy Guerrero: "Serious groove. So hip you can't see your toes."

3) "Just Got Paid," ZZ Top: "Watch your nuts, 'cause this song kicks."

4) "Little Fern," Portastatic: "First there was rain. Then came this song, and the clouds parted. Remember those Mentos commercials? Yeah, it's like that."

5) "I Can Hear Music," Beach Boys: "'The sound of the city, baby, seems to disappear/I can hear music.' I love this city."

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