Local CD spotlight August 12 2000

?Observe: LP
?Binkis Records

"An unmastered masterpiece!" — the words on the back cover of this CD say it best. Atlanta's own Binkis Records has been doing their thing on the underground scene for years, with artists that have been blowing up live shows all over the city. After much anticipation, Binkis drops Observe: LP, the debut of solo artist Jax. Something special for genuine lyrical connoisseurs out there, this one's destined to be a collectors item.

Jax grabs listeners' attention from the jump with "Who Is Jax?," on which he poses a truly complex question over a gravy beat laid down by producer Coalesce. From there, Jax proves he can rock a topic with the ever-so-innovative "Reggie Jaxson," where he flexes his lyrical prowess and knocks wack MCs out the park with baseball metaphors and similes.

Throughout, Observe: LP keeps the pace going with a striking level of creativity in his choice of topics and concepts. Whether he's crooning on "You Better Run ... " or spitting relentlessly through "Fatality On," Jax keeps you wanting to press rewind. Joined by labelmate Flux (whose own release The Renaissance, will be out soon) on "Posture," the twosome holds it down for Binkis, exhibiting the skills that have made them ones to watch in Atlanta's hip-hop scene.

Be on the lookout for vinyl soon to come from Jax. And when it arrives, grab it while supplies last.