Sharp Notes August 26 2000

Boys on Film. Film not only won the first round of the Lucky Strike Band to Band Combat, but will be seen playing in a bar scene from Losing Grace, a new indie feature set to be shown next year at the Sundance Film Festival. The Black Crowes postponed 12 dates on their current tour with Jimmy Page when the Zepp-meister threw his back out recently. The Atlanta Sept. 27 show was not one of them. The Crowes decided not to perform without guitarist Page. In happier news, cocky singer Chris Robinson announced his engagement to Goldie Hawn's daughter, actress Kate Hudson.?

Activist Rosa Parks has hired no less than Johnny Cochran to aid in her appeal against Atlanta rappers OutKast. The band used her name as the title to their hit song from 1998's Aquemini, and a previous suit ended in favor of OutKast.?

Garagemen the X-Impossibles have been signed to major-indie Cargo Music/Head-hunter Records. Their first release under the new agreement, White Knuckle Ride is expected in the fall. Keep ahead of the Impossibles' dream on the appropriately named www.ximpossibles.com.?

One time Atlanta resident Chan Marshall revisited her Southern roots as she performed a radically rearranged version of "Freebird" at Ladyfest 2000 in Olympia, Wash., recently. Reports say the audience remained rapt even though Ms. Cat Power rambled off on tangents as diverse as the current horror flick What Lies Beneath and Mary J. Blige's new hairdo.