Venues September 30 2000


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513 CLUB

FOX THEATER, 660 Peachtree St., 404-817-8700

FRONT PAGE NEWS, 1104 Crescent Ave., 404-897-3500

FUBAR, 1136 Crescent Ave., 404-873-6307

FUEL, 3073 Peachtree Road. 404-262-9111
Tired of clubs with neon-lined, black lacquered bars trying too hard to be the most hip, most posh place this side of the Mississippi? Have you gone to all the clubs in Buckhead and just gotten bored with all the pretension and over-hyped theme parties? Then refill at Fuel, which offers a straightforward, yet sophisticated, club experience. The industrial warehouse decor's raw, exposed brickwork and steel interiors will make a night of dancing or just hanging out with friends for a drink a pleasant, grown-up experience. On the upper level there is a catwalk on which you can look down on all the dancers either with envy or silent superiority. Whatever your stance, you'll most likely hear resident DJ Lil' Steven spinning your favorite songs from three decades
disco to new wave to Hi-NRG dance. The boost you'll get from Fuel is uncomplicated and honest — go the distance and you'll feel right at home.

FUSION, 550 Amsterdam Ave., 404-872-6411



PARADOX, 220 Pharr Road. 404-760-1975
A paradox is "a statement contrary to received opinion." It is also a club that attempts to fuse art, fashion and music under one roof. Located high above the heart of Buckhead, which you can witness from an outdoor balcony, Paradox is a classy joint dedicated to being more than just a nightclub. Original paintings or photographs from local artists hang on the walls of the main lounge area, or from the ceiling across from the long, illuminated bar. The sunken dance floor is perfect for the voyeur, for there are huge mirrors and couches that line the edge and wall. If you get tired of watching yourself or that person that keeps bumping into you, you can watch the mesmerizing kaleidoscopic light show projected on the DJ tower, from which some of Atlanta's finest spin nightly. Chinese lanterns and black light in the main lounge make for a sexy, intimate gathering for Atlanta's beautiful people. There is always something happening
fashion show, private party or industry nights — at Paradox, so always call ahead if you don't have a flyer for your chosen event. You'll be grateful that you did — their door policy is very, very strict. Dress well and bring the right kind of attitude, or you'll wind up being the paradox — you might think you deserve to get in, but that cute door guy may think otherwise.

PLUSH, 3025 Peachtree Road. 404-266-1680
Opening night at Plush, the front entrance was overrun with a crowd of eager onlookers gathered outside in anticipation of entry. The wait was, however, well worth it. The club lived up to the hype and more. Metallic walls and stark white lights greeted patrons upon entrance to the first room. From there a staircase leads down to an ambient, low-ceilinged lounge. The dimly lit room was adorned with lavish furniture, neatly framed photos and carved candleholders. And this was just the first in a maze of rooms, each with its own impeccable character. Preston, sushi chef extraordinaire, serves upscale sushi dishes. So, along with an assortment of liqueurs, patrons will be able to get a taste of the East from his menu of traditional meals prepared with his own personal twist.